Workshop Speakers

Selection of Keynote & Session Speakers, Panelists & Sessions Chairs

Dimitris Tsekeris

Ministry of Energy & Environment, Greece, Special Advisor Energy & RE, Greece

Eirini Stavropoulou

HEDNO | Director of the Islands Network Operation Department, Greece

Ioannis Margaris

Vice President of the Board of Directors of ADMIE, Chief Officer for Technology, System Planning and Strategy, Greece

Antiopi Gigantidou

HEDNO | Head of Crete Dispatching Center, Greece

Philipp Kunze

BayWa r.e. | Head Global Hybrid Team & Project Development Greece, Germany

Pablo Santos

Red Eléctrica de España (REE), Spain

Thomas Ackermann

Energynautics, Germany

Peter Lilienthal

CEO and co-founder HOMER Energy, USA

Amelie Wulff

Global Sales Leader Hybrid Solutions, GE Renewable Energy, France

Kaushik Das

DTU, Denmark

Cora Petino

TenneT TSO, Germany

Jimmy Ehnberg

Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Helma Maria Tróndheim

The Electrical Power Company SEV, Faeroe Islands | The University of the Faroe Islands, Faeroe Islands | Aalborg University, Denmark

Peter-Philipp Schierhorn

Energynautics, Germany

Francois Botreau

Tractebel Engineering Germany, Germany

Lennart Petersen

Vestas Wind Systems & Aalborg University, Denmark

Nis Martensen

Energynautics, Germany

Sven Pack

University of Wuppertal, Germany

Tom Acker

Northern Arizona University, United States

Fereidooon Sishoansi

Menlo Energy Economics, United States