Conference Venue

The venue for the 7th Hybrid Power Plants & Systems Workshop is the Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands. It is located in the Faroese capital Tórshavn on the main island of Streymoy.

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Venue Address

Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands
Staravegur 13,
Tórshavn, 100
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Overlooking the green valley in the capital city Tórshavn, the Hilton Garden Inn is located about 1 km away from the city center.

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How to get there

The workshop venue Hilton Garden Inn is located at a distance of 47 kilometers from the international airport Vágar (FAE) which is located on the island of Vágar. Whereas the hotel itself does not offer an airport shuttle, there are at least three options to get there from the airport:

AUTO TAXI airport shuttle (45 min. approx)

  • There is a shuttle to all arrivals and departures at the airport.
  • Airport transfer at DKK 250 (door to door service)
  • (in Danish and Faroese only)
  • Phone: +298 31 12 34
  • App Store: Auto Taxa

Public transport: Bus

  • Route 300 – Sørvágur–Airport–Tórshavn (55 min.)
    (a blue bus – Tórshavn city busses are red)
  • change to red bus #2 at Skansin to bus stop Miðlon (15 min.)

Additional information:

  • Bus 300 terminates at the bus terminal in Tórshavn at the harbour of Tórshavn (Farstøðin)
  • National Bus and Ferry Service Company: Strandfaraskip Landsins
  • Single ticket price Airport FAE (Island of Vágar)–Tórshavn (Island Streymoy, southern part Suður Streymoy): DKK 90
  • Tickets
    – Tickets can be purchased on all buses and ferries, credit cards are accepted.
    – Students with valid proof get at discount of 20% on single tickets.
    – Travel Card for 4 days: DKK 500
    – Travel Card for 7 days: DKK 700
    – Travel Cards can be purchased on all buses and ferries, at the Bus and Ferry Terminal in Tórshavn and at the Information Centre at Vágar Airport.
  • Tórshavn local red bus lines Bussleiðin is the name of the urban bus service (with five routes) operated by the Tórshavn municipality. Buses within Torshavn are completely free of charge to the public.

Car Rental

There are several car rental agencies in the Faroe Islands. Cars can be booked through the rental agencies’ websites, a travel agent, or directly upon arrival at the airport in Vágar.
Find a choice of car centals here:

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