Be part of the 7th International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop – become a sponsor!

Sponsorship Benefits

Being sponsor of the Hybrid Power Systems Workshop not only raises awareness for your company among international participants and professionals but also gives you the following two main advantages:

Professional Training for your team

  • Train your employees on specific topics about the integration of RE
  • Share & receive fresh ideas about current issues
  • Find solutions for your ongoing projects in industry & academia
  • Have serious discussions with worldwide experts


Meet your future employees & partners

  • Find highly qualified students & professionals among participants
  • Network with potential candidates
  • Display your job announcements in our workshop material
  • Meet potential partners for new projects

Sponsorship Options

We invite you to be part of this exciting event by considering the possibility of partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

  • Sponsors are offered multiple sponsorship levels that include free tickets for Sponsor delegates.
  • Sponsor will be visible in front and center among all conference attendees and website visitors.
  • Sponsor delegates will have a chance to reach out to scientists, researchers, practitioners and students in industry and academia by attending the conference.
  • Sponsor Team is working on bringing the best sponsorship experience to all sponsors.

You are welcome to choose one of the pre-defined levels of opportunities for your promotion.

If you are looking for a customized sponsorship option that suits your promotional strategy better, we will be happy to answer your questions.



Detailed background information about the workshop will be available for download here. Please check back soon.



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