Sustainable Event Organization

This event not only deals with the topic of sustainability in terms of content, but is also
based on a sustainable planning approach.


Please consider compensating CO2 emissions!

If you have to travel by airplane, please compensate your CO2 – How?

  • Get some information here

Saving resources and promoting reuse

  • Handing out conference materials and bags only as needed and requested
  • Refrain from using merchandise
  • Where possible, reuse materials, e.g. displays, roll-up banners, stands, lanyards, sleeves for name badges, etc.
  • Service providers are encouraged to refrain from using disposable materials and to preferably use reusable materials (e.g. drinks in glass bottles, rechargeable batteries, washable microphone covers,…).
  • Energynautics and the service providers organize their transport of goods in a way that largely avoids the use of disposable packaging materials
  • Reducing paper consumption through digital invitation management, provision of digital programs, digital mailing of event information in advance,…
  • Using recycled paper for necessary printing materials.

We look forward to commemorating this event with our environmentally conscious attendees. Your participation in implementing the measures on-site will help us make the conference lower in emissions, more environmentally friendly, and significantly reduce its carbon footprint!