Please find below the papers & presentations of the 3rd International Hybrid Power Systems Workshop in Tenerife. More files will be added within the next days. Please check back regularly.



Workshop-Welcome by the organizer
T. Ackermann (Energynautics, Germany)
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Towards a New Energy Model: Challenges and Solutions to Enable Large RES Penetration in the Canary Islands’ Isolated Power Systems
P. Santos (Red Eléctrica de España [REE], Spain)
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Gorona del Viento Wind-Hydro Power Plant – Results, Improvement Actuations and Next Steps
A. Marrero Quevedo (Technological Institute of the Canary Islands [ITC], Spain)
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The Hybrid Power Plant in El Hierro Island: Facts and Challenges from the Wind Farm Perspective
N. Taveira (ENERCON, Germany)
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Renewable Energy Challenges and Mobility Solutions in Tenerife
M. Cendagorta-Galarza (ITER, Spain)
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Dynamic Study of Bonaire Island Power System: Model Validation and Project Experience
Y. Sun (Eindhoven University of Technology | DNV GL, Netherlands)
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Bonaire’s Wind-Diesel Hybrid Power Plant – One-Time-Only or Trend-Setting Project?
M. Raila (MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, Germany)
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Towards 100% Renewables in the Faroe Islands: Wind and Energy Storage Integration
T. Nielsen (Electrical Power Company [Elfelagið] SEV, Faroe Islands)
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Return of Experience on Renewable Energy Integration in Islands and Remote Locations Worldwide
E. Vales (Vergnet, France)
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Sizing and Optimization of Hybrid Mini-Grids with micrOgridS – an Open-Source Modelling Tool
S. Berendes (Reiner Lemoine Institut, Germany) (Submission-ID 62)
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Simplified Frequency Stability Tool for Isolated Systems: aDin
C. Izquierdo (Red Eléctrica de España [REE], Spain) (Submission-ID 39)
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Microgrid Optimisation with the Energy Storage Integration Tool
N. Francis (DNV GL, Netherlands) (Submission-ID 37)
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A Tool for Optimal Operation and Design of Batteries and its Applications to Self-Consumption
J. M. Fernández-de-Bobadilla (University Pontificia Comillas, Spain) (Submission-ID 60)
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To Shift or not to Shift? An Energy Storage Analysis from Hawaii
M. Richwine (GE Power, USA) (Submission-ID 24)
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Battery Energy Storage Solution – Enhancing the Operational Flexibility of Flexible Combined Cycle Industrial Gas Turbines
U. Fuchs (Siemens, Germany)
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Potential of a PCM-Based Storage Concept Combined with an Electric Heat Pump
A. Benzarti (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)
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Hybrid Utility-Scale PV-Wind-Storage Plants for Dispatchability and Reliability Services in Island Grids
V. Gevorgian (NREL, USA) (Submission-ID 10)

Test Scenarios and Test Results for the Qualification of PV-Diesel Power Systems and Hybrid Controllers
G. Arnold (Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology IEE, Germany) (Submission-ID 31)
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Vestas Power Plant Solutions Integrating Wind, Solar PV and Energy Storage
L. Petersen (Vestas Wind Systems | Aalborg University, Denmark)
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Smart Renewable Hubs: Multi-Hybridization to Achieve High RE Penetration in Island Grids
J. Servert (Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación Energética [IDIe], Spain) (Submission-ID 76)
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Energy Management System for Islanded Microgrids Comprising PV Systems, Diesel Generators, Energy Storage Systems: Validation in a Laboratory Environment.
O. Gomis-Bellmunt (Polytechnical University of Catalonia – CITCEA-UPC, Spain)
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Achieving an Annual Wind Penetration of 20% on an Islanded Distribution Network
K. Pierros (ENERCON UK, United Kingdom)
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PV Integration Studies for Tropical Island Power Systems
P. Schierhorn (Energynautics, Germany)
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12 Years of Residential ‘Off-Grid’ PV Hybrid System Operation and Evolution in Nemiah Valley, Canada
A. Swingler (University of Prince Edward Island, Canada) (Submission-ID 93)
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Mini-Grids with Distributed Energy Generation and Frequency Control – Six Years of Operational Experience of a Pilot Project in Switzerland
N. Zuchuat, P. Muñoz Picos (Studer Innotec, Switzerland) (Submission-ID 86)
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Quality Control Applied to the Photovoltaic Systems of the Galapagos Islands: the Case of Baltra and Santa Cruz
A. A. Eras-Almeida, M.-Á. Egido-Aguilera (Polytechnical University of Madrid, Spain)
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Economic Impact on Hybrid Systems on Islands
P. Kunze (OneShore, Germany)
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Reducing Energy Costs and Environmental Impacts of Off-Grid Mines
H. Bitaraf (ABB, USA) (Submission-ID 7)
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How product and Service Innovations are Leading to Disruptions of Traditional Distribution Utility Business Models: Implications for Micro-Grids and Isolated Systems
F. Sioshansi (Menlo Energy Economies, USA)
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Technical and Economic Assessment for Hybrid PV Mini-Grid Projects – Optimized Layout and Sizing of Off-Grid Power Plant for SKA1-Low Radio Telescope
L. Millet (Fraunhofer ISE, Germany) (Submission-ID 14)
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An Adaptive Model with Joint Chance Constraints for a Hybrid Wind-Conventional Generator System
B. Singh (Sandia National Labs, USA) (Submission-ID 74)
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Assessment of Control Strategies Performance in Stand-alone PV-Diesel System: Simulation and Experimental Test
P. Besson (SteadySun Savoie Technolac, France) (Submission-ID 57)
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Modelling of a Large Number of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the All-Island Ireland Energy System
V. Duboviks (GE Power, United Kingdom) (Submission-ID 5)
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Contrastive Techno-Economic Analysis Concept for Off-Grid Hybrid Renewable Electricity Systems – Based on Comparative Case Studies within Canada and Uganda
M. M. Elkadragy (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany)
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Modelling Retrofitting Options for Autonomous Island Power Systems to Maximize Penetration of Variable Renewable Electricity
M. Knopp (Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany) (Submission-ID 99)
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Ensuring Reliable Power for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Sites
H. Bitaraf (ABB, USA)  (Submission-ID 6)
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Load Management for Hybrid Energy Systems
M. Gast (Phoenix Contact Electronics, Germany)
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Optimal and Modular Configuration of Wind Integrated Hybrid Power Plants for Off-Grid Systems
L. Petersen ( Aalborg University | Vestas Wind Systems, Denmark)
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EnerKite – Airborne Wind Energy and Storage systems for Off-grid and Mobile End-uses
J. Beland (EnerKíte GmbH, Germany) (Submission-ID 94)
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Sky-Imager Forecasting for Improved Management of a Hybrid Photovoltaic-Diesel System
L.-É. Boudreault (Reuniwatt SAS, France) (Submission-ID 49)
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Evaluation of the Impact of Intra-Day Distributed PV and Wind Generation Forecasts on Decision-making in the
Operations of an Island Grid System
J. Zack (AWS Truepower, USA)
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Potential for Interconnection of Isolated Power Systems with ENTSO-E Network – Example of Cyprus Power System
A. Vovk (ENTSO-E, Belgium) & G. Ashikalis (Cyprus Transmission System Operator, Cyprus) (Submission-ID 97)
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Interaction Analysis in Islanded Power Systems with HVDC Interconnections
C. Collados-Rodríguez (CITCEA-UPC, Spain) (Submission-ID 58)
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Impacts of the Implementation of Hybrid Systems with High Renewable Penetration on the Operation of Thermal Units in Isolated Grids
T. Althaus (OneShore Energy, Germany) (Submission-ID 64)
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Design and Implementation of a Hybrid Power Plant Controller
N. Styliaras(Vattenfall, Sweden) (Submission-ID 30)
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Using Embedded Renewable Generation to Stabilize Rural Distribution Networks
S. Nowaczyk (ABO Wind, Germany)
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Stability Challenges & Solutions for Power Systems Operating Close to 100% Penetration of Power Electronic Interfaced Power Sources
H. Urdal (Urdal Power Solutions, United Kingdom) (Submission-ID 96)
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The Need of Synchronous Inertia in Autonomous Power Systems with Increasing Shares of Renewables
C. L. Moreira (University of Porto – INESC TEC, Portugal)
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European Power System 2040: Completing the Map – System Dynamics and Operational Challenges
D. Powell (ENTSO-E, Belgium) (Submission-ID 100)
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Adaptive Droop Control for Frequency Regulation in Microgrid with Renewables and Electric Vehicles
J. Qi (Yokohama National University, Japan) (Submission-ID 70)
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Li-ion Batteries for Providing Virtual Inertia
L. Beushausen (Technical University of Clausthal, Germany) (Submission-ID 59)
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Framework Design for Smart Micro-Grids
N. Martensen (Energynautics, Germany) (Submission-ID 47)
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Design of a Low Voltage DC Microgrid Based on Renewable Energy to be Applied in Communities where Grid Connection is not Available
E. Prieto-Araujo (CITCEA-UPC, Spain) (Submission-ID 63)
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Results for a MV-Hybrid-Microgrid Test Campaign in the MW-Range
R. Singer (Fraunhofer ISE, Germany)
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DSO Microgrid in Southern Sweden
D. Panic (E.ON SE, Sweden)
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Development of 600V Industrial DC Microgrid for Highly Automated Manufacturing Applications: Factory and Laboratory Infrastructure Experience
A. Senfelds, A. Avotins, L. Ribickis, P. Apse-Apsitis (Riga Technical University, Latvia) (Submission-ID 52)
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Local Energy Autarky with Decentralized Smart Grid Systems using EV Charging Management
R. Uhlig, M. Stötzel, M. Zdrallek (University of Wuppertal, Germany) (Submission-ID 26)
> Paper

Characterization Methods for the State of Charge Estimation of Lithium-ion Batteries
F. Conte, S. Massucco, M. Saviozzi, F. Silvestro (University of Genoa, Italy), S. Grillo (Politecnico di Milano, Italy) (Submission-ID 34)
> Paper

Modelling of Large Size Electrolyzer for Electrical Grid Stability Studies in Real Time Digital Simulation
P. Ayivor, J. Torres (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands), M.A.M.M.van der Meijden (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands | TenneT TSO, Netherlands), R. van der Pluijm, B. Stouwie (EnergyStock, Netherlands) (Submission-ID 54)
> Paper

Unified Gas and Electricity Distribution Grid Control
J. Benthin, A. Heyer (Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen, Germany), B. Dahlmann, J. Garzón Real, M. Zdrallek (University of Wuppertal [BUW], Germany), J. Hüttenrauch (DBI – Gastechnologisches Institut, Germany), K. Peters (Westnetz, Germany) (Submission-ID 65)
> Paper

Smoothing Effect of the Power Fluctuation in Large Scale Mega Solar and Wind Turbine Hybrid Power Plant
K. Yaguchi, Y. Murakami (Toshiba, Japan), K. Yabui, Y. Kamata (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions, Japan), M. Ono, Y. Onoue (Chubu Electric Power, Japan) (Submission-ID 82)
> Paper

Building Energy Supply with Hydrogen
A. Herrmann; J. Schumann; H. Krause (TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany), N. Klüber (Fraunhofer IMWS, Germany) (Submission-ID 91)
> Paper

Promoting Renewable Energies in Tourism: An actor-based SWOT-Analysis
L. Müller, B. Rothstein (HTWG, Germany) (Submission-ID 103)
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Cheaper and Cleaner Energy for Islands and Isolated Grids
J. Gebauer (Easy Smart Grid, Germany) (Submission-ID 104)
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